Museum of Contemporary Art
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Museum of Contemporary Art

The M.C.A is one of Chicago’s prestigious Museums. The art gallery features numerous exhibits art and culture from around the world. But be warned that some of the art submitted by the artist may be a little to much for young eyes. If you are an art lover and have a curious mind, this is the place for you.

Art is one of the many things that make you appreciate life due to its fascinating designs and expressions to how you can relate to the artist emotions during the making of that one piece of work. There are a lot of museums that offer great works of art for your viewing pleasure, but one that will catch your attention not just for what is offered inside but for its beautiful sites on the outside has to be the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The museum displays a lot of great work from artist such as Jim Nutt (Coming into Character), Susan Philipsz (We shall be all), and others. Some of the art works that are currently being displayed includes “The Lady under the Mattress” (Which is about a woman who is bound under a mattress and interacts with the audience as if she is reading their minds, and apparently their perverted) and an exhibit display urban China that includes its many products including condom shorts (yes latex shorts with an area for the male penis as a more safer way to protect from disease). Plus there is a gallery of abstract paintings if you’re looking to getting more in depth into what the artist was thinking.

if you wanted to view the museum but feel as if it may be a bit expensive to visit, no need to worry because MCA offers free Tuesdays that last from 10a to 8p, but some won’t be able to visit on those days due to the fact that it is on a work/ school day, but if you would like to visit on the weekends for free, the Chicago Library offers passports to the museum that includes up to five free tickets perfect for the family (the passports also offers free passes to other museums and zoo parks).

If you are looking for a fun yet educational trip in which the whole family can enjoy, MCA is one of the many places that is considered as a Chicago’s must see. The exhibits will leave your family talking about them for days and even more create a day of family bonding that is sure to last. As mentioned above, the museum is free on Tuesdays (but closed on Mondays) and if you want to plan a free trip just visit the Chicago Library and ask for the museum pass and get ready to embark on a fun filled day with your friends and family.

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