Giorgio Vasari Biography
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Giorgio Vasari Biography

This Giorgio Vasari biography will briefly describe some of the most interesting points of his life. This man was very talented and the world has been made richer by the time he invested in his endeavors. Certainly, some of the things we know now about many artists and sculptors would not be public knowledge if it was not for him.

Giorgio Vasari is known as one of the greatest biographers in history. He was born in Italy in 1511. Some people regard him as an interesting storyteller, who was always able to share the details of life in a captivating way. Although he was a talented individual, he is not as well known as other Renaissance artists.

Giorgio Vasari Biography: Giorgio Vasari Marriage

He was married to Niccolosa Bacci. They were wed in 1550, despite Vasari’s life long desire to not get married. He made this decision after he was urged to take a wife. The individual who urged him to do so was one of his sponsors. His wife was fondly known as Cosina. Vasari seemed to have spent most of his time focused on his endeavors.

Giorgio Vasari Biography: Giorgio Vasari Architect

Giorgio Vasari was a painter and he spent his entire life producing works of art. He was also an architect of considerable renown. In fact, he was the architect responsible for the Uffizi Palace. This building is located in Florence and is an important museum. It is regarded as one of his greatest works.

He was also instrumental in founding the first public academy in Florence. He convinced Cosimo de Medici to help pay for a formal academy that would train students in art. The creation of this academy helped people to see art as an intellectual pursuit. In the centuries following that, many more academies were built acrossEurope.

In life, sometimes timing makes a big difference. Like Gaughin, Yayoi Kusama and Cecil Baugh, Giorgio Vasari has created work that will be admired for generations. Unfortunately for him; he stood in the shadow of other painters. Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci all came on the scene and established themselves in the field long before him.

Members of the public were captivated by the work they did and when other artists like Vasari arrived, they were compared to them, instead of being evaluated for their own style. Vasari also invested a considerable amount of his time in his other interests and he is well known for one of these.

Giorgio Vasari Biography: Giorgio Vasari Lives of the Artists

Giorgio Vasari is most famous for the contribution he made to the world of art as a talented writer. He did a compilation of the biographies of the most famous Renaissance artists which took him seven years to complete. The name of that book is Lives of the Most Excellent Architects, Painters and Sculptors. The book was often called The Lives of the Artists, or simply Lives. The very first edition was published in 1550. A later edition was published in 1568. 

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 I have always been interested in Biographies of the artists here  it is important. Artist - a creative person, extraordinary. And sometimes it's better not to know any intimate details of his life.